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If you share our vision for a brighter future for public transit in Cook County and Chicagoland, please sign our petition below.


Dear Cook County Board of Commissioners,

Over the years, planners in our region have dreamed up dozens of game-changing transit lines. These lines could blanket our region in rapid transit, swiftly connect people to jobs, cut pollution and traffic congestion, and ensure Chicagoland’s competitiveness on the global economic stage.

But without new investment, those projects are unlikely to ever be built. Chicagoland has under-invested in transit for decades, leaving us with an outdated and inefficient transit system and inadequate funding for even current maintenance needs.

We need a transit system that provides residents with swift, dependable access to jobs and builds our local economy. There are federal grants and loans available for capital projects, but these funds are only awarded to regions willing to help themselves.

That’s why I support the adoption of a robust revenue stream to fund the improvement and expansion of Chicago and Cook County’s transit system. This investment will take advantage of America Fast Forward and other financing tools at the federal level, and allow Cook County to have a transit system fit to serve its riders in the 21st century.


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