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 Dear City Leaders,

As residents, we are deeply unsettled by recent fatalities on our roadways involving people walking and biking. 

Commercial vehicles are killing people on bikes. A troubling number of the people who have been struck and killed by cars were victims of hit-and-run crashes. 

We urge the City of Chicago to take immediate action to address these preventable tragedies. The recently announced development of a Vision Zero Action Plan provides a unique opportunity.

We call for a comprehensive array of steps to eliminate all types of traffic fatalities, including: enhancing commercial vehicle regulation, reducing dangerous speeding, restricting right turns in dangerous locations, expanding education for all, improving our infrastructure and street design, and fairly enforcing traffic laws.  

We recognize that Chicago faces a number of public health, safety, and infrastructure challenges, but we also believe the resources and solutions to make meaningful progress on traffic fatalities are affordable and already exist.

We strongly urge the City of Chicago to incorporate each of these proven measures in the forthcoming Vision Zero Action Plan. 

Together we can make our streets safer for everyone, reduce injuries and save lives.

Please use the form below to sign the Vision Zero Call to Action. Learn more about Vision Zero and our policy recommendations on our Vision Zero campaign page.

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